ARISE – Empowering Mothers

IEEE student branch, College of Engineering, Chengannur conducted the 3rd phase of the event, ARISE – Empowering Mothers on 4th June from 1.00pm to 3.00pm which was organized by IEEE WIE CEC
AG. The event paved a way to enable mothers in the locality to be equipped with e-learning techniques
that may act as a keyword to explore the interacting digital world.The session was handled by Mrs. Sushree Sreenivasan, Assistant manager of SBT, Chengannur. She started out the event by directing the participants to get acquainted with the banking sector and moved on the talk by pointing out the steps for using Internet banking facilities, usage of ATM cards etc., for paying bills, making transactions and the such. She also, showed the strategies involved in the generation of OTPs using debit cards followed by steps to pay electricity bill through KSEB online site.
Participants were also given a platform to get familiarized with the procedures of online shopping
through various online shopping portals. Mrs. Sushree also added that given today's digital landscape, it
is the need of the hour for women to be quite aware of basics of emerging technologies. The event
received enthusiastic feedback from participants for being given unprecedented opportunity as

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