Devcom Orientation

  • August 25, 2017
  • 1:00PM - 1:45PM
  • Seminar Hall

Event Description

Orientation is the art of introducing and guiding the audience on a specific topic and the
orientation program hosted by Devcom, CEC on the 25th of August 2017 was one that showed
justice to the very definition of orientation. The session was conducted by Mr. Jayadev R, a
proud alumni of the institution. In spite of his busy career as a senior developer at ‘My Dream
Store’, he was kind enough to host an introductive session on ‘Devcom’. Even though the
session was intended for second and third years of the community, it was much helpful for
other people who attended the session as well. Mrs. Jyothi, Advisor of IEEE Computer Society
was also a part of the session. Devcom is a community for those interested in the art of coding.
It is a platform where all its members explore, learn, understand and practice their choice of
coding through sharing. The community aims at motivating its members to create successful
‘products’ rather than just mere ‘projects’.

What is this highly valuable asset? Says Morgan Fraud, the author of The Thinking Corporation, “Given that we are all capable of contributing new ideas, the question becomes how do you successfully generate, capture, process and implement ideas?” Its own people.