College of engineering Chengannur -ISQIP 2018

IEEE Student Quality Improvement Programme (ISQIP) is a week-long internship training program from IEEE Student Branch College of Engineering, Chengannur which was conducted from 13th to 21st June 2017, offering both technical and managerial sessions, for the overall development of the student. ISQIP helped the students to envisage an industrial approach towards their field of study by paving them a way to ponder more about the summer internship opportunities through an internship drive held by various organizations at the College, to create an internship culture just like in IITs and IISC which enabled the students to do training at companies or various premier Institutes in and around the state during the summer vacation and transform them into industry ready professionals.


CS ISQIP mainly focused on developing the ability to think logically and code programming in a limited period of time. Basic programming session enabled them to understand any code and apprehend where and why bugs occur thereby making them more productive and prepared for recruitments and to give a taste of corporate life through the internship offers at the end of the event. We focused on developing a solid grasp in computer languages and made sure that they got a comprehensive knowledge in that language and they can use it as your Swiss army knife for the quick stint through the Hackathon.
CS ISQIP helped to polish the designing skills of its attendees by making them confident enough to design anything. Design and development is an area of study encompassing everything involved in building a website, from the coding at work behind the scenes, to the design of the user interface, to content management. We offered a perfect blend of fun with quality preparation and promising internship prospects by making their concepts exquisite through our superlative training sessions. Different paths were provided which students could follow like Python Django, Reactive Native and Ruby on Rails. These were taken care of by experts in the respective fields.



This workshop discussed effective means to better connect the supply and demand of the workforce. It focused on connecting to young people and on exploring relatively novel features such as the taxonomy of skills in the case of electronics. A particular focus was put on connecting to young people and explore relatively novel features such as maker communities/hardware coding’ and a new taxonomy of skills in the case of electronics, to identify innovative ways to boost energy efficiency and to adapt at maintaining installing and repairing various electronic systems and component and committed to delivering cost-effective electronics solutions. It was focused to provide a vast experience writing test cases and identifying potential efficiency upgrades and an extensive familiarity with analog and digital systems.
From the introduction to Basic Electronic components, uses and application to even designing and printing a circuit on PCB as covered. started with an introductory session on Basic electronics. The morning session discussed the modern applications of the electronics components and its uses. The afternoon sessions equipped the students on how to design and print a circuit on PCB. Arduino Simulation using an online simulator gave the students a virtual idea on how and what all were the capabilities of Arduino. At the end of EC ISQIP, participates were brought together at Cochin International Airport for a one-day industrial visit.


IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society Student Branch Chapter College of Engineering Chengannur in association with IEEE Industry Applications Society Student Branch Chapter College of Engineering Chengannur hosted the first edition of EI ISQIP. The sessions comprised of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and Hydraulic actuators, Pneumatic circuitry and ‘Intelligent Human Health Monitoring. Various machines like Vinyl Plotters, 3D Digital Printers, and CNC Controlled Fabrication Lathe which is used for PCB and Motherboard fabrication were familiarised. participants. Participants were taken to NTPC Kayamkulam where the Technical Head who gave a brief description of NTPC Kayamkulam and other Thermal power plants in India. He guided everybody around the plant and explained the processes involved in power production. The imperative project was developed by the aspirants and the volunteers to unveil, ideate and flourish their own motioned projects based on their field of studies.


EE ISQIP organized under the banner of IEEE Power and Energy Society Student Branch Chapter College of Engineering Chengannur, offered both technical and managerial session for the overall development of the students that opened them up to further learning in the Electrical Engineering field. The week-long workshops covered the sessions – Electrical CAD & machines drawing on the first two days, Fundamentals of the Electrical garage and Installation & Design of Solar system on the further days. Finally providing a practical exposure to learning the working of the Solar system at Cochin International Airport, Ernakulam.
The response for the first edition of EE ISQIP was indeed impressive. The favorable outcome is bound to lead to even bigger, better and thought-provoking programs in the coming future. Also paved away to a tremendous increase in membership retention and active PES volunteers partaking in every activity or event organized afterward.