Seminar on “Current Trends in Non-Conventional Energy Systems”

The IEEE PES Unit of College of Engineering, Chengannur co-organized a 5-day Seminar on the Current Trends in Non-Conventional Energy Systems on the 29th of August,2016.The program was aimed to enlighten the knowledge of the faculty members on the importance of non-conventional energy systems and latest improvements in this domain. The program began as scheduled, at 9 am with a lamp lighting ceremony by the chief guests followed by workshop and classes. These workshops and classes were conducted by well-known experts in this field. The sessions taken by them are as follows:
Day 1:
Non-Conventional Energy Systems by Sri. Luke A (CEO, Shamar Sustainable Solutions Pvt. Ltd.)
Solar PV Technology by Dr. Vinod Gopal (NanoSolar Design Center, Amrita Centre for Nanosciences and Molecular Medicine, Amrita University)

Day 2:

 A talk by Mr. N.P. Kumar (District Engineer, ANERT, Government of Kerala)
 Prospects and Challenges of Biofuels in Energy Sector by Dr.Asokkumar T.V(College of Engineering, Chengannur)

Day 3:
 Market Operations Restructured Power Systems (Smart Electricity Markets) by Dr.
Kanakasabapathy (Amrita University)
 Grid Integration of Non-Conventional Energy Systems by Dr. Manjula G. Nair (Amrita University)

Day 4:
 Workshop on “Make your own Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell within 4 hours” by Amrita Green Energy
Lab team, Dr. Sreekala (Amrita University) & Dr. K.S Sreelatha (Government College, Kottayam)

Day 5:
 Sustainable Energy Technologies for Carbon Neutral Future Utility-Bridging Policy to Performance by
 Mr. R. Suku (Chief Engineer, KSEB)
 Mr. Anish H.R (Assistant Engineer, KSEB)
 Energy Conservation by Dr. A.D. Ranganathan (Energy Management Center, Trivandrum)
All the sessions were designed in an interactive manner which meant both the participants and the
experts enjoyed being a part of these sessions. All the delegates were active and weren’t reluctant to
clear doubts. The tea and lunch breaks in between provided the participants and experts an opportunity
to network with each other. The program received positive feedback and compliments from the
participants and experts. The Program winded up at 5 pm.

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