The IEEE Computer Society, College of Engineering Chengannur took the initiative under the technical coordination of Devcom to conduct Weeks’17. The program focuses on selecting and coordinating the events of a week on a specific topic. IEEE Computer Society Chairman Mr. Sooraj P R and took the decision to devote a complete week for each topic and sessions or discussions based on it will be conducted throughout the week. The main aim of Weeks is to build a base of knowledge about that topic in the students. All sub-topics related to it will be covered within a week and a student will be actually able to acquire all the necessary details about the same. This will be much helpful as its better concentrate on one field at a time, to become a master in it by investing some time and effort to research more in the field, than trying to learn a thousand things at a time. By this process, students can gradually build upon a particular field in which they find larger possibilities.

Technically relevant topics like UI/UX, IOT, and Basic Web designing, which a developer must know were selected and 3 or 4 sessions based on it will be conducted. The first session will be an introduction; next will be a workshop for practice and within a week a base knowledge can be built.

2 weeks have been executed successfully.
UI/UX and introduction to Web

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