Date: 12th January 2009
Venue: Metropolitan Higher Sec School, Chengannur

A school outreach programme was conducted on Friday, 12th January 2009 by
the WIE student chapter of college of engineering, Chengannur. The school selected was about 5km from the college. The event was a full-day workshop, and had a perfect blend of technical and managerial events.
The events conducted were:



Prior to the classes, a modest inaugural session of about 10 minutes took place. After
which, the session began with computer hardware familiarization workshop from
10:00 to 11:30 am.


This informative and interactive session on all the hardware components of the pc helped the children to get a precise picture of internal working and construction of
computer peripherals. The students were given a first-hand knowledge and a practical experience on troubleshooting and maintenance of hardware components. Samples of motherboards, RAMs and many other components were shown to them. The session came to an end with a questionnaire and prizes were given out to the students. This interactive session was carried out by Anoop Thomas Mathew and Rahul Raj, of 7th semester computer science stream.



This session began at 11:30 a.m. During this hour, a brief introduction of
the robots and their working was given. The interest of children on ROBOTICS, or the study of robots as an engineering discipline had been enhanced by this program.
After an introduction, the students were divided into groups and the ITRIX Robot demonstration was carried out. The eagerness to know more and their interest on robots were evident from the wide-eyed faces of the children. This amazing session was led by Arun M, Shreejesh Shashidharan,and Andrew Varghese.The session came to an end at 12:15 pm.

Students of 11th standard were the participants in this session. They being 100 in number, were divided into 10 groups. Then, a short speech on personality development and the importance of having a good personality in life was addressed to them. The main aim of this session was to develop the public speaking skills, to become more self-confident and to overcome the stage fear and lack of presence of mind. This purpose of the session was explained to them. After which, a representative from each of the 10 groups were given a topic and they were assigned to talk on that topic for a minute.

In this session, Harishankar J and Meenakshi M, further led an interactive talk on the necessity of discovering one’s own strengths and weaknesses, the need for rectifying the weaknesses and to convert them into his/her’s strength. The session wound up after a test on personality traits being held on the students. The overall response was very good and the students were glad to state that this workshop had helped them immensely.


Afternoon session began with the familiarization of electronic components and circuit
designing. Initially, the cathode ray oscilloscope, its working principle and the constitution of breadboard were introduced to the students. This was followed by division of students into several groups and they were guided to wire up rectifier and oscillator circuits. The working of many basic circuits was explained and the students now had a timely knowledge on several basic technical principles. A team of 15 students from CEC guided the children in this session. It came to an end at 3:15 am.
This session though the last, was quoted as the “most informative event” by the participants. It literally opened up a window of opportunities for the students to recognize their field according to their potential and interests. This session discussed about the various entrance examinations in India and abroad. It also shed light on the pros and cons of the various courses, their scope and opportunities in the latest field of careers. Undoubtly,this session had cleared up the dubious thoughts from the children’smind, regarding how to form a career. To conclude, the entire event from 10:00 am-4:00 pm had been very informative and the staff and students lauded this endeavor, the efforts taken by the students of college of engineering,chengannur and thanked for conducting such a session in their school. Even the response from the feedback forms stated the same. Thereby, IEEE CEC WIE chapter deeply believes that this programme had met the standards of IEEE organization.

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